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February 21, 2020 | Amsterdam
Plans for SDG World Tour cancelled
The SDG World Tour has been cancelled. After consultation with the SDG World Tour Foundation, its Founding Partners, based on an operational and financial risk assessment, came to the conclusion to discontinue the planning and execution of the planned SDG World Tour. The project team of 25 (young) professionals as well as all partners and other stakeholders have been informed.
Brave team
The Boards are of course saddened by the decision. We do something great. Or we don’t do it. That is what characterizes our team. The ambitions have always been high. All of our wonderful 25 (young) professionals have been informed and their contribution in the unwinding of the project will be crucial. The team will be supported in finding new professional challenges in the field of sustainable development goals.
Committed partners
All partners will be informed personally. We thank all our partners whole-heartedly for their commitments and contributions in time, effort and energy.
Clipper Stad Amsterdam
The Clipper Stad Amsterdam is a three-masted clipper, that was intended to serve as a sailing SDG platform to sail to 17 different places around the world in order to highlight each of the SDGs. The Clipper will now be returning to its owners, Randstad Beheer and the City of Amsterdam.
The Boards want to express their gratitude to all the endorsers of the SDG World Tour who gave their personal support during the preparations of the project.
Warm regards,
Mitra van Raalten
Director of the SDG World Tour Foundation