In exactly 365 days from today, we will be setting sail on a global mission to create awareness  for the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), connecting initiatives from across the world to accelerate progress by 2030. Reflecting on the past year, it is truly remarkable how far we have progressed from a little spark or an idealistic idea. We are also really touched by well-wishers who have come on board, standing with us in solidarity, on our shared mission.  

Since  the  Official NYC kickoff in April ,  we have advanced to the next phase of our journal , and we  are delighted to share our most recent updates.  

Where are we now?  

 From forging new partnerships, to confirming six stops along  the  route ,  this has been a year of growth ,  and  working behind the scenes  meticulously  towards our mission  

 Our Partnerships 

 To bolster our goal to connect local people  and efforts  on a global scale to the SDGs ,  both On Shore and Online, we have partnered with our friends at MOTI Foundation, ID&T, Light Art Collection Support Group ,  and Earth Today. These partnerships are  instrumental in  support ing  our On Shore line and legacies through Innovation, light and music. Our collaboration will help create awareness for the SDGs ,  bringing together youth, local start-ups, clients ,  and  alike  to create solutions for the  most pressing  global challenges , we face today.  

 Our Route 

 We aim to have all 17 port cities confirmed by the end of the summer  2019. In working towards this goal,  we  can already confirm  that we will be stopping in six cities: Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Cape Town ,  and New York. In the upcoming weeks, we will hold bi-weekly meetings with the Clipper City of Amsterdam to explore the feasibility of sailing through the strait of Magellan or the Beagle Channel as an alternative to the Cape Horn route.  

 With our sail off date quickly approaching ,  we are getting closer to anchoring the SDGs 17 to 17 Port  cities and work ing  together on creating a better future for all , leaving  no one behind.   

 This is only the beginning of our amazing journey together. We look forward to  collaborating onwards  for  the SGD World Tour, championing meaningful impact towards the  SDGs by 2030 .   


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