Curious about why the Clipper City of Amsterdam and SDG World Tour are the perfect duo, we spoke to Jan Willem Kelder, Chairman of the Board,  Shipping Company  Clipper City of Amsterdam, on how he  sees  the role of the Clipper City of Amsterdam for the SDG World Tour. “I am convinced that the Clipper City of Amsterdam will play a pivotal role for the SDG World Tour. During the world tour, the ship will cross seven seas with the lowest fossil fuels consumption, reducing harmful emissions significantly more than any ocean-going ship. The environmental-friendly features, together with the beauty of ship’s 31 sails and pointed clipper bow, serve as the central platform to propagate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

 The Clipper City of Amsterdam will play a major role in the SDG World Tour. The ship will be acting as our traveling platform, flying the SDG flag,  to  empower global initiatives to accelerate towards the Sustainable Development goals by 2030. 

 On personal note,  as a retired admiral of the Royal Netherlands Navy, who has spent a large part of his life at sea, “I commit my efforts toward SDG 13 – Climate Action  to  help reduce harmful emissions by ships at sea. I throw my weight at causes mitigating sea pollution.  

Clipper Stad Amsterdam and the SDG World Tour are a perfect duo1 min read