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Through a unique methodology, the SDG World Tour creates an impact proposition to connect stakeholders from all sectors, viewpoints, and parts of the world. To face complex challenges and mobilize the necessary capital to reach the SDGs, collaboration between stakeholders provides a concrete way of creating more value for all partners. This is done through the formation of an innovation ecosystem, where all stakeholders contribute and benefit – on an individual level and on an ecosystem level – at the same time. Successful outcomes, in the long run, are feasible through the establishment of a network where all perspectives are heard.

“The 17 main world challenges are summarized in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations and so in fact this is “owned” by all people in the world as our global goals, global strategy. The SDG World Tour, will connect the main challenges with many places around the world and mobilize all of us to jointly address the SDG’s, governments, companies, academia, NGO’s and civil society. A multi stakeholder collaboration is the most effective way to accelerate the innovation and creativity needed to find solutions for the global challenges we face. Let us motivate all, and especially the global youth, to unite, to lift our anchors and take courage to make this world a better place.”

Feike Sijbesma

CEO of Royal DSM

Honorary Chairman of the Board of Recommendation for the SDG World Tour

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