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Meet the Team Ashley Christie Max Sudhan Yoël Marjolijn Jacob


Ashley Thompson


It seems only fitting that our social media and marketing expert is from the country that brought us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: meet Ashley from the US! Ashley moved to the Netherlands to use her passion for communications to make a positive impact on society. Through the combination of word and image, Ash can make the most complex stories understandable and fun. And if you ever need advice on a great place to eat, trust Ash to know every restaurant in Amsterdam.

Stefani Christianti

content strategy

Christie is one of our international stars of the team: all the way from Maastricht! And, oh yeah, originally from Jakarta. She is on a quest to translate the SDGs into daily life. In the team, she is responsible for the content creation on ship and ensuring sustainability practices are met. With a crazy love for dogs, she makes every day in the office more fun.

Max Jilderda


Max is our hero for Partnerships. Dutch, but with a hint of Australian, Max carries the team by motivating, engaging, and connecting his fellow team members and partner organizations from all over the world. He believes the true potential of the SDGs can be reached by connecting the right, people, at the right place, at the right time. Max (AKA Jildert Hilberda) really goes the extra mile for his job – he even took a barista course to make sure he could serve the team perfect cappuccinos.

Sudhan Balakrishnan


Meet our new addition to the team! Sudhan is on a mission to help people communicate and create mutual understanding. His genuine interest in others shows through his enthusiasm to find out what makes people tick. In the SDG World Tour team, he has found his perfect match between Communications and Sustainability. We are very happy to have him and his Pumpkin Coconut Curry on the team!

Marjolijn van Iersel

project manager on shore

Without Marjolijn, the team would not be here. Quite literally, because as a talent manager, she can find any talent from across the globe. She combines her HR experience with her role as Captain for the 17 Host Cities. She enjoys working with the Wave makers in a young, fun, and diverse team.

Yoël Schuller

Director of operations online

Yoël is our expert when it comes to digital and partnerships and focuses on the online aspects of our project. With a special interest in SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities), he gives all his energy and experience to make cities around the world more sustainable, while engaging and coaching young talents. In his free time, Yoël uses all of his 6 ft 7 to make an impression at the tennis court.  


Bunny de Ridder

Director of Operations

Erik-Nils Wieland

strategic advisor digital

Harold Pit

Director of finance and operations

Kim van Alderen

concept & design

Marion Kremer

communications and marketing

Mieke Zwart

management support

Mitra van Raalten

managing director

Supervisory Board

Jan Peter Balkenende

Chairman of the SDG World Tour

Anne Marie Rakhorst


Martin Stout



The SDG World Tour Foundation remunerates its Directors within the boundaries set in the Public and Semi-public Sector Senior Officials Standard Remuneration Act “Wet Normering Topinkomens”. The Remuneration is determined by the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board receives a minimal subsistence allowance or is compensated for expenses paid.