SDG World Tour (SDGWT) coins ‘wave maker’ pronoun. The term refers to youth of today, leaders of tomorrow, aged 15 to 35 years championing Sustainable Development Goals at regional, national and international levels. “We hope to empower wave makers to create waves at every levels of society by facilitating platforms to connect, collaborate and co-create with like-minded, talented, and resourceful wave makers globally. It all begins with a meet-up”, according to wave maker, Sudhan Balakrishnan.


Starting conversations and networking with fellow wave makers does not always come naturally to everyone, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. Fret not, keep calm, breathe and ask open provocative questions to break the ice. Instead of asking ‘where are you are from?’, ask ‘where do you feel at home?’. Forbes has some pointers to turn strangers into friends with 8 great questions from Harvard.


SDGWT will be hosting a meet up for Wave Makers onboard the magnificent Clipper Stad Amsterdam on Monday, 9 September 2019 at 18:00 to 20:00. If you would like to join us. Please email with your full name, phone and email address before 2 September 2019 to ensure your place onboard. Your fellow wave makers look forward to seeing you!



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