The SDG World Tour is born in the summer of 2018 and is a travelling platform which stimulates global citizens and organizations to actively take part in realizing the SDGs.

The SDG World Tour is...

  • A facilitating platform
  • A travelling connector
  • A catalyst
  • Impact oriented
  • Created by Young Talents for Young Talents

While many SDG initiatives are mushrooming in many countries, awareness on the existence of the goals still lacks in most parts of the world. The Clipper Stad Amsterdam will sail around the world under the flag of the SDGs to create more awareness by showing the best examples of successful SDG initiatives and bringing people together and by identifying the missing links between and within sectors to ensure inclusiveness, as no one should be left behind.​

The SDG World Tour will lead to the birth of new innovative ideas and insights for global partnerships to collectively realize the SDGs arriving at the Next phase. Acting as a travelling Academy, the project will become the place where knowledge exchange and dialogues between inspirational people and knowledge sharers from various backgrounds occur. Knowledge institutes therefore play a crucial role in making this possible. The 17 SDG Capitals must consist of relevant places where a great number of best practices can be showcased.​

The SDG World Tour will sail out from Amsterdam on the 16th of August 2020 to arrive in New York in September 2022, having been to 17 destinations and activating the global society to realise the 17 goals by 2030.​​